Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

Our indoor air quality monitoring service is great for ensuring your working environment remains healthy, comfortable and, above all, conducive to a positive and motivated workforce.

After conducting an in-depth survey, we’ll provide you with a clear report on areas such as:

  • Thermal comfort measurement – includes air temperature, relative humidity and air velocities in occupied areas. Comparisons made with established acceptable levels
  • Carbon Dioxide levels – indicates if fresh air supply rate is sufficient to remove unpleasant odours and other indoor pollutants
  • Noxious gases – such as carbon monoxide, ozone or formaldehyde
  • Airborne particulate levels – measured in different parts of the same building and compared with established acceptable levels
  • Airborne bacteria and fungal contamination levels – compared to CIBSE TM26:2000 guidelines which helps to locate source of the problem