Legionella Risk Management (ELRM)

We offer a full Legionella Risk Management service that takes care of all the paperwork and ensures your water management system is ACoP L8 compliant. Our experts will visit your site, thoroughly inspect your premises and then recommend measures to help prevent Legionella occurring or, if appropriate, help control the risk.

You’ll be given a report that provides an assessment of the potential for Legionella contamination of your water systems or plant, as well as clearly laid out instructions on how to manage risk. We’ll also detail any alterations that may be required to your systems or plant to ensure they are fully compliant.

Having one of our experts on hand will surely bring piece of mind and relieve you of having to navigate this potential minefield yourself.

Electronic Legionella Analysis System

As part of our Legionella monitoring programme, you can choose to access an online logging system that allows you to keep track of all Legionella data, along with up-to-date analysis.